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Welcome to Balrog Gaming!

Balrog Gaming is a Live Action Role Play (LARP) system that currently runs once a year at the end of August. We have been around and running for some 35 years so have a wealth of experience to draw from.
This system offers the chance for all to get involved even if you are new. Every player can have their own sub plot if they choose, even the monsters grow with the system - that is if they survive. There is the opportunity during event downtime to become involved with the wold of Yarm, to explore and evolve using Discord and Roll 20 (EPBM).So go on give it a go! Maybe start with EPBM
For more information see the FAQ and Rules page

Event update:"Accursed" will be held at Sheerbrooke Scout camp. The event dates are the 25th to the 28th of August 2023. The event starts from 5pm on the 25th. However the 24th is a free social day/evening. 28th all the goodbyes and tidy up.


Forcast for this year updated Rules and Skills

Latest update: New event "Accursed"

Details on Facebook group, ask for invite.

Event to be staged August 2023


The game refs for August 2023 event will be Kes, Lee,and Gemma, rules ref will be Dave McLoughlin; all are welcome to NPC and monster as well as play, this system allows both and we may pull you to monster during the event.