Balrog Gaming is a Live Action Role Play (LARP) none profit system that currently runs once a year at the end of August. It hasrun for many continuous years with people returning year after year. The system has been successfully running for over 30 years, and undergoes continual enhancement.

This well run system offers players the chance to get involved even if they are new. With each player having their own sub plot if they choose so, Try it and you will return each year, you actually get plot! no mater where you sit in the scheme of things

Blarog Gaming currently uses a flatish site that includes bunk beds, kitchens, showers and toilets, and we have booked the whole site for this event. For more information on the site, please see the link below.



2024 EVENT

Veracious will take place at Sherbrooke Scout camp near Mansfield. The event will be held from the 23rd to the 26th August. The event starts at intervals from 5 pm onwards on the 23rd.

As a bonus Thursday the 22nd is a free night and its chance to just socialise and the 26th to pack up clean up and say goodbyes.

Provisional price is £70 adults £20 Children, £35 of this is none refundable June due to site fees; however you can tranfer your place to someone else.

Everyone is responsible for cleaning and tidying

This a self catered event currently but full cooking facilities are availible, some plus tea coffee and Soft drinks (Till its gone).