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Core Rules
Book of Magic
Tome of the Divine
Tome of the Dead
Scrolls of Light and Dark
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Hi all here we have the Balrog Gaming rule page. It is by no mean exhaustive and there are other character development rules that are available dependant on your character. (Please contact Kes or Lee to discuss this)

So let’s run through just what the rule books are and how they will help you with your character development and the playing of that character:

First off we have the “Core rule book”; this is everything you need to know about creating a character outside of the Divine and Arcane ethos. It gives you details on races, alignments, and a brief breakdown of character classes (including some divine and arcane classes).

It also describes effects that could happen to you both at an event and play by mail (PBM) and how you should react to that effect.

We then have “The Book of Magic” This is a rule book designed for those of you who wish to take your character down the arcane route (These are characters who use spells devoted to manipulating energy, converting one substance to another, or calling on the services of other creatures). It covers all you need to know to create your character and then continue to develop your character as you progress in learning.

Then we have the “Tome of the Divine” This book allows the character to develop their path linked to the gods, be a Paladin, Cleric or Shaman.

The “Tome of the Dead” if for those who wish to take the darker path of necromancy. It comes with many dangers and risks so the necromancers can achieve their ultimate goal. It should be noted that necromancy is shunned by the population in this game world.

Finally we have the “Scrolls of Light and Dark” these are only available at present to characters that may uncover information about this rare phenomenon, or be casted as NPC’S (Non player characters). If you want to discuss more about this then contact Kes, Lee or Alistair.



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