1.) What is LARP? And how does it differ from re-enactment?

2.) What is the age group?

3.) How do I get started? What will I need?

4.) I can't act, can I still get involved?



1.)Live action role play (LARP) is a fantasy based game, where players use form weapons covered in latex rather than the real swords used in re-enactment. Where there are similarities between the two, there are also many differences. Re-enactment is as the name suggests, there is a known outcome, LARP tends to evolve with the players and plot, and nothing is pre- ordained. Also with LARP, because it is fantasy based, players can play as humans, elves, dwarfs, etc.


2.) There is a large age group. Some systems have families attend with children and adults of all ages. Balrog has three families with young children, there are also some teenagers and the rest are adults of all ages. Your never too old!

3.) It depends on what you would like to play, if you want to play a fighter you will need a weapon and some armour of some sort. If you want to play a mage then a spell book is good idea, a rogue would need small weapons and possible a pick lock set, but if you would like more advice please feel free to contact us. There are also useful sites on the links page.

4.) Of course you can. If you are self conscious because it’s your first event perhaps play a character that is similar to yourself, it doesn't require much acting. Then when you grow in confidence maybe you can try something more adventurous. You will find everyone is there to help you along, offering advice if you want it.


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