The four gods listed below are the main gods, this is not to say that they are the only ones, there are some that have been said to have fallen out of favour, or even some hidden ones, if you have a desire to follow the beliefs of another god then consult the game/campaign co-ordinator. These are just the known ones by all individuals.


This god is the god of war and force, he is the one who summoned the elemental of fire into being, his followers believe that those who possess the most power are the ones who hold the upper hand. They strive to collect as much power and influence as they can, always using force in place of talking. They tend to be people who do rather that contemplate. Not all followers of this god are warmongers with violent attitudes; those with the need to adventure and win through by force also align to this god.


Shakra is the god of free spirits believing that everything should be able to decide its own fate. This god summoned the element of air. Its followers believe that their duty is to free the world of tyranny and oppression; they are usually wanders who travel wildly seeing what fate will through at them.


This is the god that summoned the earth element. Its belief is that of peace and nature. Its followers believe that the land should be nurtured, that if the land dies then so will its people. Its followers deal with any desecration of the land by the sacrifice of the individuals involved, trying to feed the life force that they stole back into the land which they fouled.


This is the god of change and moulding. This god summoned the elemental of water. Its followers range from manipulators to artists and even blacksmiths, anyone who shapes the way things are from what they originally were. Because of this the types of followers vary dramatically from people who devastate to people who change things for the better.